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Field Trip and Events Guidelines

Field Trips & Events:

  • Out of courtesy and respect for other peoples’ time, and in an effort to best reflect our group and Christ, all participants of field trips are required to show up fifteen minutes prior to start time. We will not wait for late arrivals; please insure you allot sufficient time to arrive at the designated meeting point.
  • Many of our field trips are hosted by businesses. Please educate your child(ren) ahead of time of the following requirements:
    1. Quiet voices
    2. No running or climbing
    3. No destruction of landscaping
    4. In constant supervision by parent
  • The primary purpose of field trips is for educational experiences. Parents and children will be expected to give full attention and respect to the host/docent. We encourage families to set up times outside of field trips for catching up and conversing.
  • Please remember that by signing up on the database for any event or activity, you are saying that you agree to the date, time, event and will be present and on time. Many activities are planned based upon sign ups; withdrawing without proper notification creates a financial burden. Please RSVP responsibly.
  • Activity no show/no call policy: After RSVP-ing for two events and then not showing or calling to remove your name from the list prior to the start of the event, you will be suspended from all activities for three months. Your second occurrence of two (a total of four no call/no shows) will result in your family being prohibited from activities for six months. Your third occurrence (a total of six no call/no shows in a twelve-month period) will result in your family being banned from all but parent meetings for a twelve month period. We understand that children become ill at the last minute, cars break down and other circumstances beyond your control may cause you to miss events. Each occurrence will be handled on a case by case basis with grace, love, and mercy. More than anything, we ask that you RSVP responsibly and remember that your actions reflect Christ in everything you do.


  • Any field trips or activities that require a significant financial burden to CHIEFS (in excess of $5 per participant) are expected to be paid up front and in full. If payment is not received by the deadline, your name will be removed from the list and the next person on the call list will be contacted to take your place.
  • We understand that sometimes events beyond our control can cause us to be late to an event or miss it entirely. However, in the case of this occurrence in a pre-paid event, a refund cannot and will not be afforded.
  • No official CHIEFS function may be held without authorization of primary leadership.
  • We encourage and welcome all members to assist & volunteer in established CHIEFS events. However, in order to lead an activity, class, etc. on Cornerstone’s campus, in addition to being approved by leadership, membership of six months is required. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact Diana [email protected] .
  • Graduated CHIEFS Alumni may, at leadership’s discretion, participate in CHIEFS family events if the family is present. At leadership discretion alumni may volunteer to help in certain CHIEFS events. After graduation, alumni may not participate in a non-family CHEIFS events unless given authorization by leadership.
  • Membership in CHIEFS for a minimum of one year is required before approval will be given to host an event involving children in your home.
  • Events that are sponsored by any church other than Cornerstone, must be approved by leadership prior to posting on the calendar or forum.