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Behavior Guidelines

Code of Conduct

“The father of godly children has cause for joy. What a pleasure to have children who are wise”. Proverbs 23:24

CHIEFS is open to all homeschool families, yet we always need to remember to maintain a standard that would be consistent with the desires of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. In all that we do, we not only represent CHIEFS, but also Cornerstone Christian Fellowship and, most importantly, Jesus Christ. As a result, we ask that all members hold fast to CHIEFS’ code of conduct.


  • Cornerstone Christian Fellowship has most graciously allowed us to use the facility and grounds for all of our functions. We do, however, request that the following guide lines be adhered to:
  • After your class or event has been approved by primary leadership, room reservations are made through Diana Durant at [email protected] .
  •  Please keep the facilities clean by picking up after yourselves and others. Always remember to leave things better than the way you found them!
  • Cornerstone Christian Academy is subject to routine, unscheduled lock out and lock-down for disaster preparedness drills. Any activities scheduled on the Cornerstone campus may be temporarily affected. Leadership will always do its best to keep you informed of these events, but we do ask for your patience and understanding should this drill occur around your event.

Dress Code:

  • While trusting your judgment in clothing will be appropriate and reflect our Christian views and values, we specifically ask that there be no articles of clothing advertising alcohol, tobacco, or sexually explicit material worn at any time.


  • In all interactions, language should be kept respectful, appropriate and profanity free.
  • Children must be supervised at all times for everyone’s safety. 
  • We ask that appropriate manners be used. Treat others respectfully and be courteous at all times. We should always remember we are not only representing the CHIEFS group and Cornerstone Christian Fellowship, but most importantly, Jesus Christ.
  •  Leadership reserves the right to correct children demonstrating inappropriate behavior at CHIEFS events.
  • We understand that many families have children of various ages that may not be able to participate in an age restrictive event. Families are welcome to stay during the event. However, children must be in constant parental supervision and both children and parents should be non-disruptive. Out of respect for the event leaders and participants, families may be asked to leave an event is noise or behavior becomes a distraction to the event.
  • Cornerstone Christian Academy is a secure campus; therefore, identification cards MUST be worn AT ALL TIMES. Pictures for ID cards will be taken at the beginning of the school year. Initial ID cards will be provided free of charge however, replacement cards will be issued at a cost of two dollars each.
  • If and when a problem arises with either leadership or other members, please address your concerns to those directly involved in the situation. If an agreement cannot be reached between the parties, please mutually contact Diana Durant [email protected]. If an agreement cannot be reached through this means, leadership reserves the right to include pastoral counsel. If it comes to leadership’s attention that there is a history of strife between any applicant, pending member, or current member, it is our policy that each person must attend a meeting with leadership to assure there has been resolution between all parties involved. Strife, gossip, and dissention will not be tolerated.